FAQ (Scholars Program)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have completed all four required courses BEFORE I enroll in the program?

You may submit the enrollment form as soon as you are enrolled in your first eligible course. To help TISS ICCAE staff track student progress, enrolled students will be reminded regularly to update their forms to include recently completed coursework.


Who is eligible to enroll as a TISS ICCAE Scholar?

All students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate coursework at Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, or University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 are eligible to become TISS ICCAE Scholars. Students who have graduated, have left the university or withdrawn, or those who do not meet the GPA requirement may participate in TISS ICCAE public events, but are not eligible for the scholar program.

May I list ICCAE Scholar status on my resume/job application while I am still completing course requirements?

As long as you 1) have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 2) have submitted a completed enrollment form and 3) enrolled in at least one approved course, you may list your ICCAE Scholar status on resumes and job applications. TISS ICCAE staff will consider your enrollment provisional, and you will not receive a letter of commendation from the TISS ICCAE Director, until you document completion of all program requirements including coursework.


Why does this program have a minimum GPA requirement?

This program seeks to attract top students from our four member universities. GPA is an important measure of academic excellence.

I am not a U.S. citizen; can I still participate in TISS ICCCAE courses and events?

Yes, absolutely! We welcome participation in our public events and courses from students at all four of our campuses. Many of our events are also open to the public.


I am concerned about security/privacy as I pursue employment in the intelligence field. How does TISS ICCAE protect my identifying information?

TISS ICCAE staff are serious about protecting student identities, particularly for those students embarking on careers in intelligence operations. We comply strictly with all requirements for protecting student data under FERPA. In addition, we apply extra safeguards to maintain student privacy. All information you provide us is strictly voluntary. As a federally funded program, TISS ICCAE is required by Congress to report statistical data on students enrolled in our program, but all reported statistics fully preserve student anonymity. Acknowledgement of specific student participation in our program only occurs in cases where we can verify student awareness and consent. Further information on the federal program that funds TISS ICCAE is available here: http://www.dia.mil/Training/ICCentersforAcademicExcellence.aspx

I am enrolled in a course that I think is relevant to the study of intelligence but is not currently on the “approved” list. How can I appeal to have my course approved?

Please contact TISS ICCAE Assistant Director Sara Castro (sara.castro@unc.edu, 919-962-1036) for assistance.

I am a graduate student and I am finding it challenging to fit the eligible TISS ICCAE courses into my degree program. What should I do?

Please contact TISS ICCAE Assistant Director Sara Castro (sara.castro@unc.edu, 919-962-1036) for assistance.