Welcome to the website of the Triangle Institute for Security Studies Intelligence Center for Academic Excellence in Intelligence and Security Studies (TISSICCAE). We are a community of scholars committed to intelligence education. Our members are drawn from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Central University, and Duke University.  We are linked together by a common purpose and shared activities, most of which are organized by the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (See http://tiss-nc.org).

Our goal is to foster a clear understanding of the role played by intelligence in national and international security. We seek, on the one hand, to help create an informed citizenry and, on the other, to make sure that the young men and women who choose a life of public service will have the analytical skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing security environment.  To that end, we encourage students to pursue the study of intelligence and security and provide them with opportunities for enrichment and collaboration outside of the classroom.

We were named a Center for Academic Excellence in 2014. Since that time,  our faculty have developed dozens of new courses on national and international security, including more than twenty focused specifically on intelligence and intelligence -related issues.  Students can now pursue a degree/or certificate program in this field at three of our four universities.  [See CourseWork]   Our programs vary from campus to campus both in size and focus. Each operates with relative autonomy and is managed by a faculty member teaching on that campus. (See Organization) The most extensive program is located at our lead university – the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Now that we have completed our curriculum development, our Center primarily serves to provide support for persons engaged in the study of intelligence and security at our four partner universities. We provide students with opportunities to expand their knowledge, build valuable networks, and enhance their skills outside of the classroom.  We organize talks by noted scholars and practitioners, a field trip to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a strategic exercise (designed and implemented by students), and a careers forum. We also publish a periodic newsletter providing students and other interested persons with timely information about events and opportunities. (Sign up here to receive this newsletter).

Most students at our partner universities will likely remain only loosely affiliated with our Center. Those considering a career in the public sector have the option of registering as members of our Center.  (See Membership). This will identify them as participants in an ICCAE program and allow them to take advantage of some internship and hiring opportunities reserved for such students.