Intelligence and Intelligence Related Courses [Currently Available]

  • Courses on Intelligence History and Analysis — 1
  • Security with Intelligence Dimension/ Analysis¬† – 2
  • Security/Foreign Policy Course with intelligence component – 3

Campus Course ID Number Course Title Course Instructor

1 UNC-CH PWAD 352 History of Intelligence Operations Caddell, Joseph W.
1 UNC-CH PWAD 353 Intelligence Analysis: Research Methods and Writing Whitaker, Erinn
1 UNC-CH PWAD 490-1 The History of Deception Caddell, Joseph W.
1 UNC-CH PWAD 690 The History of Warning Intelligence Caddell, Joseph W.
1 UNC-CH PWAD 359.018 Comparative History of National Intelligence Regimes Whitaker, Erinn
1 UNC-CH PWAD 680.018 Counterintelligence Whitaker, Erinn
1 UNC-CH PWAD 396 Independent Study (Intelligence-Related Topics) TBD
2 UNC-CH PWAD 90 September 11: Origins, Consequences, and Where Do We Go From Here Blair, Dennis; Whitaker, Erinn
3 UNC-CH PWAD 350 Introduction to Peace and Security Studies Sullivan/Caddell

1 Duke PubPol 290 The US Intelligence Enterprise Nichols, Timothy
1 Duke PubPol 507 Intelligence in National Security Nichols, Timothy
2 Duke PubPol 890-05 Budgeting for Intelligence and Defense Brook, Douglas A.
2 Duke PubPol 590-12 Privacy and Government Surveillance Schroeder, Chris
2 Duke PubPo 290/ComSci 390 Introduction to Cyber Policy Hoffman, David
2 Duke PolSci 427S World in Your Hand Seigel, David
3 Duke PubPol 502S Contemporary American Foreign Policy Jentleson, Bruce W.
3 Duke Pol Sci 365 Foreign Policy of the United States Feaver, Peter
3 Duke PubPol 237 Research in International Policy Issues Johnson, Tana
3 Duke PubPol 590 Privacy, Technology, and National Security Schanzer, David
3 Duke PubPol 890 Problem Analysis and Ethical Dilemmas – Ethics for Policy Professionals Brooks, Douglas A.
3 Duke PubPol 590 The Global Cold War Miles, Simon
3 Duke PolSci 232 Introduction to Terrorism Siegel, David

2 NCCU HLS 3800-OL Countering Violent Extremism In Rural Jails and Prisons Herring, Chris
2 NCCU POLS 3820 Radicalization Trajectory Analysis Mainuddin, Rolin
2 NCCU POLS 3900 Terrorism Data Analysis Mainuddin, Rolin
3 NCCU POLS 3600-01 American Foreign Policy Mainuddin, Rolin

1 NCSU PS 598 Democracies and Secret Intelligence: Cooperation, Competition, and Monitoring Struett, Michael
1 NCSU PS 598 003 Intelligence, Threat Assessment, and Nuclear Proliferation Reardon, Robert
1 NCSU HI 337 Spy versus Spy: Cold War Intelligence History Bolger, Daniel P.
1 NCSU PS 598 003 International Security: Intelligence and Policy Boettcher, William
2 NCSU STS 498/598 Science, Technology, and International Security Reardon, Robert
3 NCSU PS 331-001 US Foreign Policy Boettcher, William
3 NCSU PS 598 002 Illicit: The Politics of Black Markets Nance, Mark
3 NCSU PS 437 National Security Policy Mahoney, Richard
3 NCSU PS 598 Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy & Processes Boettcher, William