The IC-CAE Program

The Intelligence Community-Centers of Academic Excellence  (or IC-CAE) is a highly competitive,  and congressionally mandated program funded by the Department of Defense. The purpose of this program is to encourage universities to build defense and intelligence-focused curricula across the nation.

UNC-Chapel Hill was among seven universities to be awarded this grant in 2014. It will receive $1.86 million over the next five years to create a regional center of excellence in intelligence and security studies. It partnered in this effort with the Triangle Institute for Security Studies, NC State University, NC Central University, and Duke University.

As of September 16, 2019, our funding ended. We look forward, however, to continuing our work as a legacy school and will retain our designation as an  Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence.


To learn about other IC-CAE schools, look at the IC CAE newsletters.  These are now available online: Impariamo . (Look under IC CAE Documents). Students are warmly encouraged to contribute articles to this publication. If interested, please consult with one of the program’s team leads.

Impariamo Vol 4, Issue 4 Oct 2015

Impariamo Vol 4, Issue 3 July 2015

Impariamo Vol 4, Issue 2 April 2015

Impariamo Vol 4, Issue 1 Jan 2015

Impariamo Vol 3, Issue 3 Oct 2014




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