Summer Seminar

 What students have had to say about this experience:

This summer I was fortunate to participate in the IC-CAE program that allowed me the extraordinary opportunity to take part in a seminar hosted by the Defense Intelligence Agency. The two-week seminar was an invaluable experience. During the first week we were a part of multiple presentations that exposed us to information about intelligence ethics and law, hard and soft skills that the IC looks for, background checks and polygraph examinations, the purpose of mission enablers, writing and briefing techniques, structured analytic techniques, heuristics, and group think. It was obvious how each speaker shared a passion and devotion to the IC mission. At the end of the week we visited the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. We gathered information about the NGA mission and their various employment opportunities. After visiting NGA we toured Arlington National Cemetery. A highlight was watching the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The second week of the seminar we were placed into teams and participated in a simulation where we investigated the current turmoil in Venezuela. Each team was tasked with creating analysis reports and briefing the findings to principals from the various intelligence agencies. Over the course of the two weeks I gained immeasurable knowledge, experience, skills, and friends that will assist me with my career objectives moving forward. The seminar confirmed my aspirations to work in the intelligence community and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field of national security and defense.

Duke University (2019)




“The 2017 National Security Analysis and Intelligence Summer Seminar (NSAISS) was an incredible opportunity to better understand the intelligence community (IC). There was exposure to almost every IC agency through collaborative discussions, presentations, and one-on-one conversations. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to brief a senior customer from the DIA, which is something I never thought I would do until I worked in the IC. I collaborated with students attending universities in over twelve different states to create the intelligence brief and I had a group that was compiled of brilliant, passionate, and inspiring individuals. One of the most interesting presentations during the seminar was one given by a retired US Army officer about Islam and Islamism. He presented a broad overview of topic, clarified terms most people, including the media, misuse, and provided a history of the Qur’an. It opened my eyes to the political ideology and the religion, and the speaker was fantastic. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who just wants to expand their knowledge of the IC community and especially to someone who wants a job in the IC. I met students, staff and intel members that I will definitely stay in contact with and people who would give me references if I ever wanted a job.”

Duke University, 2017

 “The DIA Summer Seminar provided the perfect introduction to life in the IC. The program perfectly balanced broad overviews of the community as a whole, with networking sessions designed to allow students to pursue specific information pertaining to their individual interests. The recruiters, speakers, and mentors that I had the privilege of working with, were knowledgeable and welcoming. My peers from the other schools were highly engaged, motivated, and accomplished individuals. The quality of the people, truly bolstered my drive to work in the IC. The highlight of the program came when I co-authored a real, open source intelligence memo, requested by the U.S. Pacific Command. My biggest takeaway from the seminar is the endless support available to employee development and professional growth. The different agencies offer a whole host of continuing education programs, language training, and financial support for pursing additional degrees. I would recommend this seminar to the student casually interested in national security, and also to the student who already wants to pursue a career in the IC. ” 

Duke University, 2017

The IC CAE Seminar is one of the highlights of my undergraduate career. It provided a welcoming environment to interact with security studies in a more involved manner than typically done in the confines of a classroom. The first week was filled with engaging presentations, briefs, and conversations with intelligence practitioners – being able to ask them frank questions ranging from the work they do, to their work-life balance, to advice was invaluable. The program staff also ensured that any questions about the mechanics of applying to the IC were answered.  The second week tied everything together with a weeklong simulation on the South China Sea. Having the ability to work in the same room with peers from other institutions, experts from various fields, and intelligence professionals to analyze intelligence and produce reports and briefs gave a taste of what working in the IC feels like – it put my studies in perspective.

Duke University, 2017

“The IC-CAE Summer Seminar was a truly unique experience that offered me firsthand exposure to the world of intelligence and national security. Over the course of the first week, I attended a number of presentations, panels, and workshops covering topics such as report writing, counterintelligence and information assurance, intelligence law and ethics, cyber security and intelligence, open source intelligence, and analytical methods. I was enthralled not only by the content presented to me, but also by the passion, dedication, and commitment of the presenters, which highlighted the fulfillment and purpose inspired by a career in the IC. The week was topped off by a trip to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency in Springfield, VA, where we learned about the NGA’s mission and employment opportunities. During the second week, I participated in a four-day intelligence simulation where I investigated the potential for regional conflict in the South China Sea as part of a six-person team focusing on terrorism and transnational crime. The experience was enhanced by our team leader, an intelligence officer with functional expertise in the South China Sea region, daily briefs to principals from a number of different agencies, and real-time news updates. Overall, my two weeks in National Harbor were challenging, enlightening, and fun. My interest in pursuing a career in the IC was solidified, and I would recommend the seminar to anyone looking to learn more about what the IC has to offer. “

Duke University, 2017

“This August, the TISS IC-CAE program gave me an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a training program hosted in Washington, DC, by the Defense Intelligence Agency.  The two-week seminar introduced me and about 40 other students to the basics of intelligence analysis and tradecraft.  We got to visit the CIA Headquarters, as well as the Office of Naval Intelligence.  We met dozens of exciting analysts and operations specialists, and all were eager to help us hone our skills and find the right career path.  Each day of the program was a new adventure.  Our activities ranged from attending fascinating briefings, to one-on-one resume coaching sessions, to a mutli-INT crisis simulation that culminated with briefing a senior intelligence official.  I believe the program substantially increased my understanding of the intelligence cycle and potential career opportunities in the IC.  It was invaluable to learn about the IC from active practitioners.  The program introduced me to many inspiring and ambitious new friends and mentors.  I am so grateful to the TISS IC-CAE program for giving me this opportunity.  It truly illustrates how the program gives Triangle students rare opportunities to learn about and engage the Intelligence Community.”

-Duke University, 2016